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Welcome to funky fitness

We are located in Maryborough the heart of Victoria’s Goldfields.

Our mission is to Educate, Motivate & Inspire you while having fun & getting fit.......

Our aim is to re-educate you, so that you can make food and exercise work together to give you the body you deserve, in a way you can maintain. We strive to make these transitions fun and easy to achieve. We extinguish all the conflicting theories you are exposed to through a science-based, research-proven approach giving you the body of your dreams, and most importantly the tools to sustain it.

Your results are what matters to us!

Our role is to empower you to take charge of your own life, and guide you on that journey to optimum health. We want you to get to the finish line AND BEYOND. With our guidance, you are going to create your own building blocks to achieving the body you deserve and have been wishing for. You will look great, feel fantastic and function at your level best. Not only that, once you start learning from us, you are then going to spread the knowledge to the people you love the most. Our task is a challenging one, but we love what we do. We are not into diets or quick fixes long lasting results take time, consistency and commitment but the good news is you can have it all!


Penny Rendell
Trina Bond
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Our Results

Penny Rendell
Transformation Time-frame - 12 months Programs completed to achieve this Transformation: F.I.R.E. I.C.E. http://w..