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Penny Rendell
Dream, Believe, Achieve…

Growing up weight was never something I was concerned with. I played sport and competed in many competitions. It wasn’t until I started having children that the battle with my weight began. In desperation I would constantly be on the lookout for the next greatest weight loss promise, pills, shakes, not eating before or after certain times, tiny portions, training till exhaustion…You name it, I tried it. The results were always the same in the end because the rules of the game were not sustainable for too long. Along came my snap point, a beautiful person in my life passed away and as I watched the fallout this had on her family and friends I couldn’t stop thinking about what if that had been me. 

I knew I had to make a change and that no meal, no occasion, no excuse was worth losing my life. This was my chance for change. My journey began here at funky fitness with Trina as my guide we worked together to carve out a healthy, strong body and mind that I had been dreaming of! 

4 years on I have achieved my Cert III & Cert IV in fitness and attended Courses for Level 1, 2 & 3 in Metabolic Precision. I can now help others make the changes needed in their own lives. 

 The self-confidence that comes with achieving your goals is pure bliss!  My passion is to help others experience that feeling. I know that if you really want something enough you can get there and having been on the other side I know there is a better way. 
Don’t just watch life pass you by, LIVE it & make it worthwhile..


  • Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness
  • Metabolic Precision Transformation Specialist - (Level 1 Metabolic Nutritionist, Level 2 - Exercise Technician & Advanced Supplementation Certification)
  • Currently undertaking Metabolic Precision Level 3 certification & Functional F.I.R.E. with Dr Paul Cribb PhD
  • Punchfit Trainer, Group X MMA & Group X in the Park
  • Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor
  • Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  • Cert IV in Massage Therapy
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Trina Bond
Transformation Time - 12 months Programs completed to achieve this Transformation: F.I.R.E. I.C.E. http://www.funky..