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Not only is it great for my fitness, it is fun, but hard work. True grit, sweat and a self-gratification that comes with wanting to achieve your body to work hard.
Chez Forster
Trainer - Penny Rendell
Since starting boxing with Penny 18 months ago I have found that my fitness has increased and my co-ordination has improved immensely.

Penny’s knowledge of boxing is a credit to her as she really gets the best out of you. She has been nothing short of inspirational and that is because of her training, the attention to the small details and putting herself through courses of boxing in Melbourne and has acquired her certificate in Boxing. Its not just about punching a bag or sparring with a partner, but the technique, as you can seriously hurt yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.

So thanks Penny & Trina, every Wednesday we turn up to funky fitness rain, hail or shine and look forward to another solid session of boxing. It’s given me a new lease on life. Not bad for an ol’ girl of 60! Yay…Just Love It!

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Penny Rendell