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Intro 2 fitness

30 day Challenge

Give us 30 days and we'll give you a brand new start!


Introducing the Intro 2 fitness 30 day Challenge

  • If you've struggled to create the healthy body you've always dreamed of
  • If you are scared to try again in case you fail
  • If you watch life from the sidelines due to limitations - Physical or Emotional
  • If your sick and tired of having no energy to make it through your day
  • If your ready to take your life back and simply don't know how to get started 

How the Challenge works:

Our Intro 2 fitness 30 day Challenge will show you how to get started with a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Over 30 days you'll discover:

  • A simple approach to exercise! 
  • Effective exercise instructions to get you started without feeling overwhelmed!
  • How to turn your good intentions into a lifestyle!
  • Calorie Awareness - How to get healthy without surviving on lettuce, broccoli and boiled chicken! 
  • Focus on less to achieve more 
  • How to develop a plan to suit your individual needs in every way.
  • How to break and create habits!
  • A fun, unique 30 day experience that prepares you for life-changing, permanent results.
  • Natasha stepped right out of her comfort zone to get started listen to her story so far....

Our Intro 2 Fitness Challenge Includes:


Learn how to get started in a safe and sustainable way


Learn how to recognise foods that will support your weight loss goals


We will show you how to break the habits that have led you to this point in your life!


Having a group of people that have your back is key! We are with you every step of the way through the Challenge to ensure you never have to be at this point again!

Our Intro 2 Fitness 30 Challenge is a holistic program that will get you started on the path to a healthier and happier life...

  • 8 Pre-recorded Instructional Videos 
  • 8 Pre-recorded workout videos for you to follow 
  • Daily Video for Motivation and Tips about Support, Simple and Easy tips to slot into your daily routine, Sleep, Hydration, Education and much much more 
  • Access to our ConFITdent Chicks FB Group to support and motivate you 
  • Printable Success trackers for you to print at your convenience 

This program is guaranteed to kickstart your journey back to the best version of your possible

Every woman deserves to feel her best... 

If you are ready to take action we are here to support and guide you

  • Yes, there will be busy days during the Challenge
  • Yes, there will be effort required
  • Yes, there will be some homework
  • But Every Day you will be taking steps toward building a better version of YOU

The Intro 2 fitness 30 day challenge is not just another purchase you'll never use... 

It combines just the right amount of information, with the coaching to take safe action & the support to feel you can achieve no matter what point you are starting from! If you are looking at this page then for some reason you've forgotten about making yourself a priority, it happens so quickly with all the things demanding our time and attention but this is your opportunity to STOP, RESET and put yourself back on the to do list!

Are you ready to take your life back?

Here is how the challenge works

If you want to get your health back on track and start moving your body in a safe and sustainable way then this is the CHALLENGE for you... Over 30 days we will guide you through basic exercises with modifications and then put them into workouts that you can follow along with us at home. Each day of the intro2fitness 30 Day Challenge you'll be educated and on some days given tasks to complete in order to progress forward. The Facebook group will be your support network as we work our way through from day 1 to day 30

30 Daily videos for Support, Motivation and easy tips to slot into your daily routine including Sleep, Hydration, Education and much much more

($797 Value)

8 Pre-recorded Instructional Videos

($397 Value)

8 Pre-recorded workout videos for you to follow

($397 Value)

Bonus: Printable Success trackers for you to print at your convenience

($97 Value)

Bonus: Access to the ConFITdent Chicks FB Group to support and motivate you in a safe space 


Total Value: $1688

Join us for a massive discount and be ready to start creating the next version of you TODAY!!!


Special Offer $43 US

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