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Jane's Story

Like so many others, I had been there and done that when it came to dieting. I always thought I was "OK" but something kept telling me I could be better. I was striving for the impossible because I has no idea what it was I was aiming to achieve. Just clinging onto any hope that the weight would somehow sort itself out.

I found Funky at the time when I needed it most, my life needed a serious kick in the backside!

I started my journey in June 2016. I had just had my second surgery for Endometriosis. After trying to conceive had failed so far, my doctor also recommended that I lose weight to increase my chances. I had tried and failed so many diets previously, and loved the thought of a lifestyle change, not just a ‘fad diet’. My eyes were instantly opened to how it was actually my habits that were holding me back from achieving the body changes I had always desired.
I was given the tools, advice and scientific back up to show me what and when to eat. Endless amounts of Fast, Delicious, Nutritious recipes that anyone can use. A tailored exercise program that consists of training only 3% of my busy week and constant support

I found out I was pregnant a week before Christmas in 2016, just after completing my second program. Proof that this really does change lives, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I continued Fire and Ice workouts throughout my pregnancy which helped me feel strong and confident for the next phase of my life.
The year following the birth of my son, I completely fell back into all the habits I had worked so hard to break, which in turn left me feeling broken. My snap point came at the end of 2018, when my husband and I were now the unhealthiest we had been in our lives, and now having to think about what examples we were setting to our precious baby.
We began 2019 just wanting to be the best versions of ourselves, unaware that it was going to be a year that flipped our lives upside down when our son was diagnosed with Autism. I could have very easily given up, as my priorities were now on the back burner, and honestly for a minute I did. After a few words with the amazing Penny and Trina, I kept focus on my goals and know I can conquer any challenges that come my way!

I have learned that no matter how hard and impossible some things may seem, I can overcome any obstacle I put my mind too. It sometimes can be just like a light switch and change is effortless, other times it takes me a bit longer! Over thinking and self doubt are still usually in the back of my mind but I have learnt to work through and overcome the fear by tackling challenges head on. I believe many people forget about working out their most important muscle, the brain. Changing your life to achieve true happiness is not only physical! In fact for me it was about 90% mental!

I have gained confidence and endurance in the gym, I now have the power to push myself physically, well out of my comfort zone. I also feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am not afraid of what others think of me. I still struggle to look at myself in the mirror sometimes, but I feel like I am on the way to truly loving the person I am becoming.
I am feeling great and believe I am now on track to make my dreams come true! I have Trina, Penny and my beautiful, strong, empowering Funky Fitness family to thank!

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