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Kate's Story

I was tired of merely existing in life. I wasn’t even treading water, I was drowning; pulled down by my weight and the weight of my own expectations. I used food as my best friend. It comforted me when I was sad and congratulated me when I was happy. And, if I really wanted to torture myself, I’d have food I knew was no good and hate myself for eating it. But I still did it. I needed to break the emotional cycle that I allowed food to have.

Depression and overwhelming anxiety had me confined to my couch and hiding away from the world. I was unhappy and unhealthy and considered so many quick fix options for my weight that would have impacted me severely. I was tired of being the wallflower who watched everyone else be happy and have the lives they wanted because she was too big to walk far or do up a seatbelt on a plane. I wanted health and happiness for myself so I could prosper and grow; so I could find myself and my self-worth. Not only do I want to be a role model for my son, I want to be a role model for myself. I wanted to prove that I could set a goal and achieve it. I want to see my boy grow and become an amazing human being. I want him to be proud to call me his mum.

Throughout each program I set goals.

  • I set exercises for myself that I couldn’t do when I started and wanted to be able to do like the fitter girls in my ICE group.
  • In ICE I wanted to be able to do burpees, mountain climbers, planks, running. 
  • In FIRE I knew I could do whatever I wanted to achieve but I wanted to beat the 80kg squat I had done & the 50kg chest press.

Along the way I created goals that not only challenged me but pushed me well out of my comfort zone.
I did my photoshoot, final classification, assessment and measurements & I feel AMAZING! My measurements…wow. To have lost 25.5cm in my final 6 weeks has blown me away. 114cm in total. I have smashed my goal. And…I put my snap point photo next to a sneaky photo I took of myself at the photoshoot and YIKES! The tale of two different girls. I can finally see what people have been saying. I feel pride and overwhelming happiness. My future is very bright.

I have learned that life is about balance, not overachieving. Working out seven days a week isn’t good for your body. Counting calories doesn’t achieve a certain body type. Balancing good food and exercise; providing the right nutrients for your body at the right time allows you to flourish.

Perfection isn’t attainable and isn’t necessary. Mistakes happen because life happens. But you can enjoy the journey along the way.

I have gained life and vitality. I can’t remember much about who I used to be because I love being who I am. My journey has taught me resilience and strength. It has taught me to give myself a break and not apply too much pressure to be or act a certain way. People will still appreciate my efforts if I do this 100% or 95%. And my body will respond in kind. I have the ability to live and love life the way I have always wanted to without fear of falling backwards into old patterns because I have learned good nutrition; not a quick fix, I know I don’t have to look a certain way to be loved; I have to love myself. The rest will fall into place.

I know I have changed because I fell over while out for a walk and the old me would have quit and headed straight back home. The new me dusted herself off and went back out the next day. This has given me life and strength; it has given me…ME. That’s the best prize ever!

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