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Tashana's Story

I still desire to tone up and gain more muscle, however I am happy with my body now – which is a result of pure hard work and consistency over an extended period of time! Sure, there were mornings where the alarm would go off at 5:30am and I’d think ‘it’s only one session, I can catch up’ but almost every time I’d rethink and get up as that ‘one session’ would get me one step closer to my goals. I found overtime, I could finally see the changes in my body for myself, along with others telling me...

I was the type to avoid social events and playing sport at school for the fear of being an outsider or looking out of place. Similarly, I hated going shopping with people or online in case clothes didn’t fit or there wasn’t anything in my size, as that was a constant reminder of how big I was. I had about 5 close friends whom I was comfortable around and rarely interacted outside of them to avoid any possibility of awkwardness and discomfort.

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